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Lost In The Forest

By August 16, 2016 personal style, street style, style, summer


Inspired by Pablo Neruda’s “Sonnet VI.” If possible, read it in Spanish.

Look: Forever 21 dress (similar, similar, similar) | Converse Chuck Taylors

moonrise_district-forest-dress-15 moonrise_district-forest-dress-20moonrise_district-forest-dress-11 moonrise_district-forest-dress-21 moonrise_district-forest-dress-24moonrise_district-forest-dress-29 moonrise_district-forest-dress-25 moonrise_district-forest-dress-27 moonrise_district-forest-dress-28 moonrise_district-forest-dress-32moonrise_district-forest-dress-12

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By August 8, 2016 city vibes, personal style, street style, style, summer


The dog days are almost over. I cannot wait.
Location: L’Enfant Plaza
Look: Forever 21 dress (similar) | Levis 721s | Adidas Slides

moonrise-district-adidas-slides-10moonrise-district-adidas-slides-37moonrise-district-adidas-slides-16 moonrise-district-adidas-slides-24 moonrise-district-adidas-slides-21 moonrise-district-adidas-slides-30moonrise-district-adidas-slides-27 moonrise-district-adidas-slides-34

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By August 4, 2016 collab, personal style, street style, style, summer


American Eagle was kind enough to send me some of their Fall BTS pieces. Love the coziness of these jeans and top. Makes me yearn for the cool temps to come.

Look: AEO Split Back T-Shirt | AEO Tomgirl Jean c/o

moonrise_district-american_eagle-jeans-top-13moonrise_district-american_eagle-jeans-top-15 moonrise_district-american_eagle-jeans-top-14

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La Librería

By July 28, 2016 collab, personal style, street style, style, summer


The English major (+English teacher) in me is very happy in places like this.

Location: Capitol Hill Books
Look: American Eagle Colorblock Denim Jacket c/o

moonrise_district-american_eagle-jean_jacket-10 moonrise_district-american_eagle-jean_jacket-14moonrise_district-american_eagle-jean_jacket-19 moonrise_district-american_eagle-jean_jacket-16

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