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Winter Break

By January 8, 2017 personal style, street style, style, winter

Spent the better half of December reading, relaxing, and recharging.
2017 is coming in strong.

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Low Key

By November 20, 2016 personal style, street style, style, winter


Cue the best season of the year.

Target turtleneck | Madewell overalls | Asos loafers

moonrise_district-black-black-bw-17 moonrise_district-black-black-bw-11 moonrise_district-black-black-bw-15moonrise_district-black-black-bw-12

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Ecko Red

By March 15, 2016 city vibes, personal style, street style, style, winter


Have you ever had a time where you look into your closet and pat yourself on the back for: a. being a teen and actually purchasing something so dope (aside from your sneakers that is) and b. keeping said dope item for over 10 years and then finding it at the perfect moment?

Thank you, 17-year-old me.

moonrise-district-ecko-12moonrise-district-ecko-1 moonrise-district-ecko-13moonrise-district-ecko-25 moonrise-district-ecko-17moonrise-district-ecko-23 moonrise-district-ecko-18 moonrise-district-ecko-20moonrise-district-ecko-28 moonrise-district-ecko-21moonrise-district-ecko-14 moonrise-district-ecko-27

Ecko Red jacket | F21 top | Shop Sincerely Jules jeans | Bangs shoes

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The Last Of

By March 8, 2016 personal style, style, winter


Goodbye to my favorite season of the year.

I’ll miss the layers and long coats; the chilly days and magical sceneries of wintertime.

moonrise-district-fog-2moonrise-district-fog-forever-21-camel-coat-high-waisted-jeans-white-turtleneck-15 moonrise-district-fog-24 moonrise-district-fog-forever-21-camel-coat-3 moonrise-district-fog-forever-21-camel-coat-fedora-9moonrise-district-fog-forever-21-camel-coat-fedora-12 moonrise-district-fog-23 moonrise-district-fog-forever-21-camel-coat-high-waisted-jeans-5 moonrise-district-fog-forever-21-camel-coat-high-waisted-jeans-fedora-25 moonrise-district-fog-forever-21-camel-coat-high-waisted-jeans-fedora-white-turtleneck-20moonrise-district-fog-forever-21-camel-coat-high-waisted-jeans-6 moonrise-district-fog-forever-21-camel-coat-high-waisted-jeans-white-turtleneck-fedora-22moonrise-district-fog-forever-21-camel-coat-high-waisted-jeans-8

Forever 21 coat, hat, + boots | JustFab high waisted jeans | Target turtleneck

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